This Sunday, author Samantha Tidy will be at the Mary Martin Bookshop in Port Melbourne to launch her new children’s book, The Day We Built The Bridge. Kristy Murray, an award winning Austrlaian children’s book author will also be present to celebrate the launch.

About The Book

Written by Samatha Tidy and illustrated by Fiona Burrows, The Day The Bridge Was Built is a story about the creation of one of Australia’s most iconic structures; the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It also delves into the history of Sydney and follows the journey of a young boy who, as he grows up, sees the bridge being transformed from an idea to a huge project to an icon that is a source of pride.

The Day We Built The Bridge will give children an insight into important events in Australian history which were connected to the building of the bridge including the Great War and the Great Depression. Both the illustrations and text work together to inspire a sense of pride and connection to Australia and its history.

What Else?

The book launch will feature a reading by Tidy and face painting. It will be a wonderful way to get your child excited about books and literature and help them bring a stronger sense of belonging to their community.

Tickets for the launch are $5, which can be put towards a book purchase. Find out more about the book here.