Over the past two weeks, children at Aurora Early Childcare have been hard at work making beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day. Many mothers would agree that the best gifts from their children are handmade; crafts, poems or delicious meals. These often reflect their children’s personality and heartfelt efforts. With that in mind, here are a few meaningful things little ones can do for their mothers on Mother’s Day.

Create A Coupon

Who doesn’t love using coupons to get a discount or free gift at a store? Children can create their own personal coupons for their mothers to redeem. These can range from “get a free foot massage’ to ‘two hours without fighting with my sibling’ . Feel free to get creative with both the content and the look of the coupons; all your little one to go crazy with crayons, glitter, colored pencils and ribbon.

Write A Story or a Poem

Young children have active minds and exciting imaginative capabilities. Help them to channel all of their creativity into a short story or a poem about their mother or family. If your child is not writing yet, have them recite it out loud, write it down on some pretty paper and have them ‘sign’ it however they’d like – perhaps with a scribble or thumbprint. If they are comfortable with writing, have them pen their masterpiece, frame it and give it to their mother.

Make a Meal

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing a series of recipes for meals which your child can help make. Fathers and children, take to the kitchen this Mother’s Day and try making one of these recipes for mothers to enjoy. Breakfast in bed has proved particularly popular; why not try this Coin Pancakes recipe?

Share An Activity

Most people enjoy sharing activities they love with people they love. Little children can join their mother in one of her favourite hobbies, be it gardening, painting or simply taking a long walk. It will enhance the experience for a mother and enhance the child’s knowledge and skills.

A Fingerprint Necklace

Help a child make their mother something truly unique – a necklace with a clay pendant featuring their fingerprint.  That way, mothers can carry a piece of their little one wherever they go! Find instructions on making this gorgeous necklace here.

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