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How Does Kindergarten Prepare Your Children For School?

In 1804, pedagogist Friedrich Frobel, who is credited with establishing the foundations of modern education, coined the word ‘Kindergarten’, which highlighted his belief that young children should be nourished like “plants in a garden”.

Frobel’s ideas have been carried forward today and kindergartens have transformed into trusted institutions which care for young children and engage them in a variety activities like singing, playing, drawing and learning all of which aim to enhance a child’s development. Many kindergarten programs, such as Aurora’s Willow Walk Kindergarten, are designed to effectively help children transition from home to school life.

Even though in Victoria it is not compulsory to have children enrolling into Kindergarten before they go to school, educators and caregivers vociferously recommend it. Here are some of the benefits that your child will enjoy if they attend a high quality kindergarten before they go to school.

Academic Achievements

Kindergarten programs have several components that are focused on helping children develop skills which will heighten their academic success later in their lives. Educators at our Rowville Kindergarten consistently design and implement several activities which enhance early literacy and numeracy. We have a large range of accessible, age-appropriate books which our educators often read aloud. We constantly encourage our children to use pens, paints and other materials to draw, write and even make simple marks. All these activities nurture an interest in reading and writing, paving the way for stronger literacy skills.

Similarly, our Kindergartens have several puzzles, games and activities which call upon children to learn about grouping, organizing, classifying and even counting, all of which lay the foundation for strong numerate skills.

Many Australian kindergartens also look at ways to create STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Maths) in children’s play. As children play with midfully provided equipment and toys, they are always learning. Renowned pedagogist, Maria Montessori famously said “play is the work of childhood” and through play, children have several insights about the world around them. Piling stones into a toy truck will help them develop spatial awareness, for instance. Your child may have toys at home, but kindergarten teachers can help children to think about their play activities in a productive, educational way.

There are several studies which support the idea that these carefully curated programs in Kindergarten translate to academic success. For example, a study presented at the Melbourne Institute Public Economics Forum found that children who attended high-quality early learning programs are 40% ahead of their peers in as early as year 3.


With the advent of technology and the vast quantity of educational toys, some parents may feel that children can have an educational foundation for school from home as well. However, Kinder programs have a major  advantage over the home; they allow groups of children to play and socialise with each other.

Interacting with peers of their age helps children develop important social skills including empathy and confidence which will help them enter school with the ability to form strong relationships and navigate social situations better. Through continuous interactions with peers as well as educators, children also gain an understanding of diversity which strengthens empathy and helps them better understand their place in the world.

Many kindergartens are part of larger early education centres. For instance, Aurora Early Education has four  studios, the Willow Walk Kindergarten, the Moonglade Studio, the Spring Rain Studio and the Seamist Studio, each for different age groups. However, we believe in multi-age settings where children of different ages play together. Children across studios often participate in activities together and our Kinder students love taking the younger children under their wing. They show them how to do certain activities and feel the need to care for and protect them. This instils them with  a sense of responsibility and pride in their own abilities.

School Readiness

With these skills in hand, Kinder students confidently enter school with a sense of independence and self-reliance. In the middle of the year, before a child transitions to school, Aurora educators also ensure that our children have the practical skills to help them in school. These include the ability to:

  • Look after their own belongings.
  • Serve themselves and eat independently.
  • Use the bathroom independently.
  • Follow multiple instructions and complete set tasks.
  • Be able to express emotions appropriately.
  • Deal with competition and conflict.

Our educators will work with parents and families to enhance their children’s emotional maturity, physical development, social and communication skills, focusing on building resilience to cope with whatever school throws at them – whether it’s in the classroom or the playground.

However, even before our school readiness program life readiness program begins, our entire Kinder curriculum is designed to impart skills and knowledge which will be a strong foundation for their whole lives.

Learn more about Aurora’s Kindergarten here.