With Easter fast approaching it’s likely that your little one is buzzing with excitement about Easter Egg hunts and a delicious Easter brunch. Through the week and on Easter Day, why not take some time out to engage in some fun Easter activities? As well as engaging their gross and fine motor skills, it will be a great bonding experience and an opportunity to tell them about why we celebrate Easter. Celebrating cultural festivals strengthens a child’s sense of identity and encourages them to be welcoming of and sensitive to diversity.

Toilet Roll Bunnies

Recycle old toilet paper rolls to create toilet roll bunnies with your children. They’re incredibly simple to make and will engage your child’s fine motor skills as they roll wrapping paper around the toilet paper rolls and stick on googly eyes. They make for adorable ornaments and your little one will feel proud everytime she or he sees it! Get directions here.

Colourful Easter Eggs

It’s not really Easter without a bunch of dyed Easter eggs. It’s simple to make them; all you need are eggs, food colouring and a white crayon or candle. This project will engage your little ones’ curiousity as they mix and match colours and see food colouring dye water.

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

After your Easter celebrations you may be in need of a long hot bath, so before Easter make some bath bombs with your child. Measuring out ingredients will engage their numeracy and literacy skills and they’ll be super excited to take baths after this! Since these are homemade, you can be assured that the ingredients are non-toxic. Find the instructions here. 

Popsicle Stick Easter Puzzles

Have you spent the summer guzzling popsicles with your little one? Put those old popsicle sticks to good use by making Easter bunny and egg puzzles. These will enhance cognition and can be played all year long. Find the directions here. 

Bunny Masks

The Easter bunny should make a presence at any Easter event and with a little work, your little one can transform into him! This simple tutoria shows you how to make adorable, cotton ball adorned masks.

Brown Bag Bunny Game

Make a brown paper bag bunny puppet with googly eyes, pink pom poms and paper and use it to tell your children the story of Easter. Use these directions. Then, you can use this tutorial to create carrot cards featuring different shapes of carrots. Challenge your child by having the bunny ask them to feed him the square carrot or the circular carrot and give them a reward every time they get it right! Here’s how to play the game.

Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs

Perhaps that reward could be yummy chocolate covered Easter eggs? This recipe is very simple and will be a fun activity to do with your child. Have them knead the dough and dip the eggs into the chocolate.

Jammy Easter Biscuits

Whip up some Delicious Easter Biscuits with jam at the center with your child. Find the recipe right here on Aurora Early Education by heading here.

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