Choosing a childcare is an extremely important process and it’s understandable that parents carefully look for the most capable hands to leave their children with. In Australia, an important factor in choosing a childcare is looking at its rating. Australian authorities understand the importance of early childhood education and have implemented the National Quality Framework, a national approach to regulation, assessment and quality improvement for early childhood education and care. To ensure that these standards are met and Australian children are in the best hands possible, the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) works with the government to implement and monitor the National Quality Framework.

How do the ACECQA do this? Through a multi-pronged approach:

Approves Qualifications

One of the most integral components of childcare centres are the educators and caregivers, who children spend their time interacting with and learning from.

ACECQA approves educational qualifications that allow educators to work at childcare centres. It publishes an approved list of childcare qualifications in Australia. Through this list, childcare centres can ensure that they are hiring the best caregivers for their centres.

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It also trains and tests regulatory officers across Australia to assess whether centres are meeting the National Quality Standards.

Providing Information

Meanwhile, for parents, families and educators looking for any kind of information about childcare, ACECQA is an important resource.

It publishes quarterly reports about the current state and progress of childcare services across Australia as well as guides and resources that help educators understand the National Quality Framework expectations and ways to improve their service. This includes the Quality Improvement Plan. 

For families, it has created Starting Blocks , a website which provides childcare news and events, information on children’s development, fact sheets and infographics, all geared towards helping caregivers raise children.

When looking for quality childcare services, families can also turn to ACECQA’s list of approved providers and their ratings. Aurora Early Education is extremely proud to rated as an ‘Exceeding National Quality Service’ as seen on the ACECQA website.

ACECQA’s commitment to National Quality Standards goes a long way in ensuring that Australia’s child care services meet quality expectations and ensures that parents can feel well-informed and confident about their child care decisions.

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