How have I grown and changed this year? How have I positively impacted the lives of others?

As we inch closer and closer to the end of 2018, these are questions that many of us are asking ourselves. They’re important questions, significant questions, which parents and caregivers should also be asking the young children in our lives. Our little ones may find the first question easier to answer; “I’ve grown as big as daddy’s knee,” says one while another proudly answers “I can write my full name now!” The other question is harder for children to address but equally important for them to have an answer to.

At Aurora Early Education, we strive to make sure that our children know that even though they may be small and young, they can still do their part to help their community and contribute to their world. For instance, at our Christmas Concert this year we held a silent auction, auctioning of our children’s best artwork to raise money for Children’s Ground.

Children’s Ground is an organisation which uses a locally led approach to support First Nations families in Central Australia and the Northern Territory. Led by elders and families from the First Nations Community it uses both grassroots experience and international practices to intervene and create – in their words – “a new reality with First Nations communities devastated by intergenerational disadvantage: an environment where families realise their aspirations for the next generation of children to be free from trauma and suffering, enjoy equity and safety, be able to grow into adulthood happy and healthy, and have agency over their social, cultural, political and economic life.”

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Children’s Ground invites individuals, organisations and the community to walk with them to help contribute to their vision of a better future. Donations help support the Children’s Ground community centres which create a  safe, positive environment for children to learn and provide the resources needed to ensure that children receive proper nutrition as well as a rounded education, designed and guided by best practice approaches.

As a part of the Early Education field, the Aurora community has a responsibility to support educational programs. From our art auction, we raised AUD 600 and, after Aurora added AUD 400,  It’s an honour to be able to donate AUD 1000  to Children’s Ground.

The contribution is a result of the cumulative efforts of Aurora’s educators, families and – most importantly – our children. In the days leading up to the Christmas concert, our educators guided our children to make beautiful works of art with a range of materials. The children were proud to display their artwork at the Christmas Concert and their families placed silent bids on them. As the families carried home their works, we know our children were proud of their accomplishment and also, as they received praise and recognition, subtly understood that even though they’re ‘small’ they can still make a positive change to the world around them through their actions.

Aurora early education used events to raise funds for the children's ground initiative

Sheela Edwards, CEO of Aurora says, “What I enjoy most about Christmas is giving; what we reflect on and inculcate in Aurora is to mindfully sustain this spirit of giving throughout the year.”

What a wonderful way to end the year at Aurora Early Education!

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