A few days ago, Aurora delightedly announced that some of our Kinder children are part of the cast of Warren Wills’ ‘Night of the Broken Glass’. Night of the Broken Glass is the moving tale of William Cooper, who led a delegation of people on a walk across Melbourne protesting Kristalnacht; the unprovoked persecution of the Jews.

Aurora's children will be singing about the love story between Lali and Gita as part of the NOBG play
The play also intersperses other tales including the story of Lali Sokolov, known as ‘The Tattooist’ of Auschwitz, and Gita Furman who fell in love when interned at Auschwitz.

The Love Story

Aurora Early Education children along with other cast members of Night of the Broken Glass, will be singing about the the love story between Gita and Lali, which is chronicled in ‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ by Melbourne author, Heather Morris. Lali and Gita first meet when Lali is tattooing Gita’s Auschwitz prisoner number onto her arm. When the two’s eyes meet, Lali falls in love. Later in their lives, the couple married and move to Australia.

Like the story of the couple, Night of the Broken Glass takes a tragedy and finds the stories of resilience, bravery, hope and perseverance within it. We know that the experience of performing will give our children a deeper understanding of these qualities as well as help develop their sense of tolerance and connection to their community.

Aurora's children will be singing about the love story between Lali and Gita

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