Aurora Childcare at The Seamist Studio

We’ve employed the latest thinking in educational research to create programmes that boost your child’s cognitive growth.

Seamist studio – For early learners aged 0 to 3 years

Designed for the littlest ones in our care, the SeaMist studio caters for babies and toddlers with a special education and play curriculum designed to encourage their natural curiosity.

The multi-age space gives your child a wonderful environment to develop a wide range of life skills in a safe environment. Each age group learns from the others to practice their leadership skills and interact meaningfully with love, empathy and greater understanding as part of the Aurora Childcare philosophy

Happy babies at the Seamist early learning studio at Aurora Early Education

Across all studios

We believe a mix of indoor/outdoor learning delivers a balanced educational experience and encourages children to develop greater agency within their own space. Your child has access to both indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the day, dependent on the weather.
We’re focused on nutrition and healthy eating at Aurora. Expert nutritionists advise us on our menus, which include multicultural dishes. Our in-house cook prepares fresh, delicious food in the Aurora Kitchen every day and we’ll encourage your child to try all meals unless you advise us otherwise (e.g. for allergies or dietary restrictions). Water is served with every meal and milk is provided at morning tea.
We know a full menu of play and learning can be tiring! Your child has access to a cot or mattress in our supervised sleep area or, if they only need a rest, they can join groups participating in quieter activities in our supervised quiet area. They’re welcome to bring a special comfort toy should they need it to nod off.
We supply disposable nappies during the day and change your child at regular intervals or when they need it.
We can help you with toilet training if you require it. We encourage and supervise your child to use the bathroom when necessary and teach them good hygiene practices throughout the day.

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