Why we’re the best among childcare Rowville-based centers!

We’ve employed the latest thinking in educational research to create programmes that boost your child’s cognitive growth.

Included in our early childhood curriculum are certain key focus areas that emphasise our principles of holistic development and love for learning which set us apart from other childcare rowville-based centers:

read about the key focus areas which set us apart from other childcare rowville-based centersphysical development is encouraged at Aurora Early Education
  • Social Development – The ability to relate to what is happening around us helps children gain an understanding of the social situations they find themselves in. They interact with peers and friends in a social context, learn values and gain knowledge, this helps them become part of their family, friends and community.  This is a key focus for children in an Aurora setting. Educators develop various programs to help children in their social development. This is an important aspect of a child’s development across all the age groups in Early Childhood, more so when the child is transitioning to school.
  • Emotional Development – At Aurora we focus on helping children with recognising their emotions and to help self regulation. Children learn to connect with what is going on around them through their emotions. The better they get to understand their emotions the better equipped they are to be open to learn. At Aurora educators are trained to observe emotional cues and respond to them. This is especially a focus of our School Readiness and Life Ready program in our Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten years which sets us apart from other childcare rowville-based centers

Physical Development – At Aurora, children participate in Indoor and Outdoor activity. Developing both Gross Motor and Fine Motor skills in embedded into the daily programs in Aurora across our Long Day Care setting. We encourage parents to extend the services programs and support the child’s need for fresh air and movement. Aurora believes that children are very capable learners and the only reason they hesitate to participate in something new is because they have not been exposed to it. We expect children to come prepared for our indoor and outdoor program so parents are requested to bring appropriate clothing for their child / children clothing at all times.Being physically active is very important for children’s development. Physical activity in early childhood helps improve motor co-ordination and can enhance the development of various motor skills.

Children who participate in physical exercise each day are shown to have improved movement, balance, coordination and reaction time.

As well as encouraging children to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, physical activity builds strong and healthy muscles, bones, joints and contributes to better heart health.

Both fine motor skills (small movements like threading beads) and gross motor skills (large muscle movements such as climbing a ladder) contribute to physical development and exercising and practicing physical skills and abilities helps children to reach important, age appropriate milestones.

Most importantly, if we teach healthy habits early, we can help set up a strong foundation for a life of good health. This is the kind of philosophy that sets us apart from other childcare rowville-based centers!

Intellectual/Cognitive Development

  • Learning about nature and the world around us – seeing the changes in the seasons and how plants grow; keeping pets and learning how to care for them
  • Building and constructionworking with blocks and ‘loose parts’ using engineering principles and designing and creating works of art
  • Science projectsusing technology to investigate and discover facts
  • Learning mathematical conceptssuch as matching, counting, manipulating numbers
  • Listening to each other and to adults – reading and being read to by others. Making up stories and documenting these with words and pictures
  • Learning to write recognising symbols for early reading and writing
  • Physical educationusing bodies to move and to be stronger. Learning new physical skills
  • Health and wellbeinglearning about taking care of our bodies and improving self help skills. Experiencing fresh air and going for walks outside to connect with our community
  • Self expression and the Artsinvolving children in drama, dance, creative movement, painting sculpture

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