Literacy & numeracy

“Play is the work of childhood”
– Fred Rogers

our literacy and numeracy programs work well with children at Aurora Rowvillechildren develop their numeracy skills at Aurora Rowville

At Aurora, we believe that to promote the development of early literacy and numeracy skills and understanding, children need to be exposed to, and involved in, a rich range of learning opportunities that are meaningful, relevant and provide experiences that encourage them to explore and be creative.

When we consider the Early Years Learning Framework, there is a specific emphasis on play-based learning as well as recognition of the importance of communication and language (including literacy and numeracy), social and emotional development.

Literacy for a young child refers to their capacity, confidence and disposition to use language in multiple forms. Literacy incorporates a range of modes of communication including movement, dance, music, visual arts, storytelling, drama, media as well as reading, writing, viewing, listening and talking.

Educators at our Rowville kindergarten provide early literacy activities and experiences for our children in ways that reflect their stage of development. Oral language is a significant aspect of early literacy. Speaking, listening, singing, storytelling and having conversations with children about topics that interest them all are all activities which contribute to develop strong literacy skills.

Written language is also important and we ensure many opportunities are available for our children to be engaged in drawing, writing and making marks using a variety of materials. Being surrounded by a print rich environment is essential, as is availability of a large range of books.

Meanwhile, a young child who is numerate has the capacity, confidence and disposition to use mathematics in daily life. When engaging in problem solving; children develop new mathematical understandings. When introducing and exploring mathematical ideas, it is essential that children are exposed to concepts that are meaningful, age-appropriate and relevant in the context of their daily lives.

Providing a range of play-based experiences to support numeracy development is also a priority for our educators. Activities that encourage classifying, grouping, sorting, distinguishing and recognising such as puzzles, games and tasks which are open-ended are always available in all of our studios. When developmentally ready or a child shows an interest in shapes, numbers, days of the week, colours and other more formal concepts, our educators are more than happy to expose them to these through age-appropriate, fun and engaging activities.

Learning to communicate effectively in this world is important for so many reasons, including boosting sociability, literacy, language, reading and writing.

We read to your child every day to instil a love of letters. The printed word around the learning space reinforces reading skills. Drama and roleplaying games help your child to communicate with others.

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