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Evol sports specialist sessions here at Aurora.

Happy Feet Fitness

Happy Feet Fitness is an award winning company which was created to educate and inspire young children to make healthy choices.

The Happy Feet Fitness progress offers a wide range of physical activities and musically themed adventure classes, run by instructors who are passionate, professional and committed to delivering the Happy Feet program at the highest possible standard to ensure each child has an awesome experience.

YogaChamps specialist sessions at Aurora Rowville.


YogaChamps is a safe, creative and fun program for kids that helps them strengthen physically, mentally and emotionally in a natural healthy way. Children sing songs, act out stories, play breathing games, make noises and pretend to be animals while learning poses that:

  • Promote self confidence, learning skills, flexibility and strength
  • Increase focus and concentration
  • Improve posture
  • Help relaxation and sleep
  • Set a lifelong foundation for wellbeing

  • Assist in other sports performance

  • Introduce basic anatomy and physiology

  • Inspire respect for self and others.
Hey Dee Ho encourage both drama and physical fitness at Aurora Rowville

Hey Dee Ho

Hey Dee Ho educational programs are designed to stimulate childhood development. Set up in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Music and Childhood Development, all Hey Dee Ho programs are aligned with the National Quality Standards and support the Early Years Learning Framework. 2007 saw the introduction of new programs under the Hey Dee Ho banner:

  • Active 8 (fitness and sports skills)
  • Fun-Key Yoga (energetic yoga for kids)
  • Fiction Factory (drama and literacy program)
  • Sing and Sign (Music and Auslan signing)

http://heydeeho.com.au for further information on this program.

LCF Mandarin sessions at Aurora Early Education

LCF Mandarin

LCF is a UK based program designed to make learning a language fun and informative. LCF teaches according to the natural way children acquire a language, through a combination of drama, storytelling, technology, songs, craft, technology and games. We find Aurora children rapidly acquire enough knowledge and confidence to enjoy using Mandarin for communication and expression. We run face to face classes for children of all ages, for both our long day care groups, Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten children.

For more information please click here http://lcfclubs.com.au

children have pottery specialist sessions at Aurora Rowville


Aurora offers pottery lessons for children in our Pre Kinder and Kindergarten groups.
Each week children may opt to participate in a pottery class. They get to practice their fine motor skills and creativity as they mould the clay and enjoy sitting around a big table with their friends. The children always enjoy the session with their Pottery Teacher and we are excited to see what creation they make each week.

At Aurora we use clay as the primary medium through which we introduce children to art. The approach supports the assumption that the real value of art lies in recognising it as a highly individual language that helps children to make vital sense of their world.
All children reveal their creative impulses long before they start school. Creative exploration is as central to a child’s existence as talking, singing or dancing, yet is often not taken very seriously. Children are not always given the materials or the time to do themselves justice.

At Aurora we offer the Possum Potters program as we recognize the time constraints of most parents, which is why we have incorporated this into our program option in our long day care service which incorporated our Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten programs.

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