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Aurora offers pottery lessons for children in our Pre Kinder and Kindergarten groups.
Each week children may opt to participate in a pottery class. They get to practice their fine motor skills and creativity as they mould the clay and enjoy sitting around a big table with their friends. The children always enjoy the session with their Pottery Teacher and we are excited to see what creation they make each week.

At Aurora we use clay as the primary medium through which we introduce children to art. The approach supports the assumption that the real value of art lies in recognising it as a highly individual language that helps children to make vital sense of their world.
All children reveal their creative impulses long before they start school. Creative exploration is as central to a child’s existence as talking, singing or dancing, yet is often not taken very seriously. Children are not always given the materials or the time to do themselves justice.

At Aurora we offer the Possum Potters program as we recognize the time constraints of most parents, which is why we have incorporated this into our program option in our long day care service which incorporated our Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten programs.

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