Welcome to Aurora Early Education, Doncaster

Dear families, educators and Doncaster community,

We are so excited to announce that we will be opening the doors to Aurora Early Education Doncaster in July 2019. Aurora Doncaster will be our second centre in Melbourne and we are looking forward to establishing meaningful connections with the Doncaster community.

In designing our Doncaster Early Education (Childcare & Kindergarten) we have used several theories to inform us. The most influential of them is our own Philosophy which has been built on the three pillars of Connect, Care and Create.

Our management and educational team have been carefully and diligently working with architects, engineers, landscape architects and builders to achieve a close synergy with and reflections of the Aurora philosophy.

As an example we used the theory of circular concepts where possible to bring our first pillar of ‘Connect’ into being. This theory explores how in many iconic and amazing buildings bringing in circles into the design has a positive impact in relationship building and interactions both with our spaces and with people around us.

Our educators at our Rowville Early Education Center have also been integral to the process of building our Doncaster Early Education Centre, as they have had valuable insights and opinions, based on their years of experience working in the Early Education industry.

As Aurora grows, we are excited to bring Aurora’s principles, ethos and holistic way of thinking and teaching into Doncaster. We look forward to Connecting with and Caring for your children and helping them to become more knowledgeable, peaceful, connected and loving so they can guide the next generation to greatness.

We invite you to get in touch with our team for enquiries.

With kind regards,

Sheela Edwards
CEO – Aurora Early Education

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