For a parent, each moment in their child’s development is a matter of pride and delight. Whether it is their first steps or words, every detail is gleefully celebrated and recorded. Once a child is enrolled in child care or an early education center, parents rely on educators to give them daily updates about their children’s day and progress.

At Aurora Early Education, we use a multitude of methods to communicate with our learners’ families about their days. Our educators are happy to talk to parents about their children’s progress and we regularly schedule sessions which allow parents and educators to interact.

Communication Books

We also use communication books to document each child’s activities. Educators write down what each child has had to eat, drink as well as their sleeping patterns in these books for parents to go through each day.

The communication books are also a forum for parents to inform educators about any changes in their children’s lives, including anything from a new food they’ve tried, to a change in mood or behaviour patterns.

Through this on-going communication, educators and parents can work together to ensure that each child’s unique and evolving needs are met every day.


At Aurora Early Education, we believe that we can never replace human interface. However, we use technology to enhance and get real time and extended connections. Aurora has been associated with Kinderloop, a unique technology, for three years.  Kinderloop is an app which allows educators to use technology to communicate with parents in a creative, secure way. Aurora has embraced the use of online technology in its observational documentation and uses Kinderloop to Care, Connect and Create in our own special way.

Through Kinderloop, parents, grandparents, caregivers and extended family around the world can log into their secure account to see what their children have been up to each day. Aurora educators can directly communicate with a child’s family to give them insights into and share photos of their progress, interests and interactions. More importantly, it allows the educators to develop stronger partnerships, have relevant discussions and to ensure that there’s an on-going dialogue about every child we care for. Kinderloop also helps with our quality measures and processes and gives our Educational & Curriculum Leader easy and real time access to documentation.

Sheela Edwards, CEO, Aurora Early Education and Dan Day, Kinderloop’s Founder, share meaningful dialogues about the process and have a clear alignment of vision of how our observational documentation can enhance a family’s life and support educators to spend quality time with the children.

You will be invited to login to your child’s private Kinderloop or to create your own as an Educator. For more, please visit

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