May was an exciting month at Aurora Early Education! We had lots of visitors in for incursions, demonstrations and for Mother’s Day. We also created crafts for Ramadan and talked about why Ramadan is observed and how it culminates with Eid.


To help our children understand the importance of the Ramadan month, educators set up an interest table and arts and crafts activities. The children looked at hijabs, tekkes, a prayer necklace and a prayer mat and made their own paper ‘prayer mats’.

We also made crescent moons and stars while talking about the importance of sunrise and sunset during Ramadan. During our activities, we talked about the significance of mosques.

Discussing and exploring other cultures teaches children to understand, respect and appreciate diversity.

Mother’s Day Celebrations

May 16th was Mother’s Day and we had a lovely time getting ready for it. The Willow Walk children made bath bombs in a variety of different colours while the Moonglade children made coasters for their mums to keep their cups of tea on! We also made Mother’s Day cards and join artworks.

On the Friday before Mother’s Day we had an afternoon tea for our children’s mothers and special persons. They were delighted to welcome them into Aurora and give them their own tours, showing them their favourite toys and play areas. The children had a ball decorating biscuits with their mothers and then we all sat down to a delicious tea. Just before everyone went home, the children presented the gifts they made and their artwork to their mothers. We hope many of our mothers enjoyed a relaxing bubble bath over the weekend!

Incursion Fun!

At Aurora, we have incursions almost every month, to introduce our children to new experiences and ideas. In May, we had the Rowville Fire Authority and the Wild Action Zoo visit us.

The Wild Action Zoo came to Aurora during Be Kind to Animals Week. They brought a collection of marine animals including a baby shark, sea stars, stingrays and baby crabs. The presenters talked to the children about the importance of each species and the roles they play in the marine ecosystems.

After the presentation, some of our brave learners got the chance to touch some of the animals!

The Rowville Fire Brigade visit was just as exciting; the fire-fighters brought along their fire truck and told the children about their uniform and about the people who work at the fire station. The children went out to look at the truck and some even climbed in to sit in it! Through this experience, the children were able to talk to community helpers and understand the role they play in keeping us all safe.

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