Over the past few years, the Victorian State Government has shown that it is deeply committed to early education. Their latest move of support has been for kindergartens and recognising and applauding services who are running accredited Kinder programs. 

The Victorian State Government has introduced ‘The Kinder Tick” which refers to a special logo made to aid families in finding the best program for them and their children. The Kinder Tick will appear on the premises, communication and other materials of the early learning service it has been granted to.

Aurora Early Childcare Centre has proudly received The Kinder Tick by the Victorian government, which means families can rest assured that our services include:

  • Kinder programs led by qualified teachers
  • Play-based learning programs 
  • Victorian government approved and funded programs 

Fundamentally, Aurora’s kindergarten and three-year-old kindergarten programs are conducted by qualified and experienced early childhood teachers who are well informed by pedagogy and up-to-date practices best suited to each child’s goals. 

Our educators are immensely dedicated and assure approved National and Victorian Learning Frameworks guide our programs. Aurora offers a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies to guide individualised learning programs enriched with mindfulness. Our kindergarten in Doncaster and kindergarten in Rowville also offer extensive activities to support connections to the community, exciting daily specialist programs supporting holistic learning and a multi-age setting to provide your child with an optimum learning environment.

learning programs enriched with mindfulness

Additionally, Aurora engages in play-based learning programs primarily based on the belief that learning is best obtained through love and play whereby children feel loved, safe and comfortable in our environment allowing them to play and learn prosperously.

Aurora engages in play-based learning programs

In essence, our approach to play-based learning enhances a wide range of abilities for our children intellectually, physically, socially, and creatively, in a more uplifting and engrossing way. This method of learning allows our children to build further on the meanings of things and associate it with an activity to develop their understanding of the topic at hand. We incorporate play into each of our Key Focus Areas:

  1. Health and wellbeing, 
  2. Self-expression and the arts, 
  3. Physical education, 
  4. Listening, reading, writing, and recognising
  5. Construction, engineering, and design
  6. Science, technology, and mathematics
  7. Topics of interest and projects
  8. Nature
  9. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Moreover, as part of the Victorian government’s economic recovery support for the global coronavirus pandemic, an investment in early education has been made by the Victorian government to financially assist families in 2021. Therefore, Aurora kindergartens are funded by the Victorian government and parents may be eligible to get funding if their child attends kindergarten in Melbourne — families are encouraged to contact the Aurora office for more information. 

khe kinder tick

Overall, by identifying The Kinder Tick, parents and carers can feel confident their child will be embraced in an evidence-based, contemporary learning program led by qualified early childhood educators. Furthermore, The Kinder Tick is not a rating system, it will simply tell families that their choice of kindergarten program satisfies a set of Victorian Government funding guidelines that are in place to ensure children benefit from a kindergarten program wherever it’s delivered.