Our quality assessment framework

Aurora is an Exceeding Service.


Aurora is an Exceeding Service

Aurora Early Education has been given a rating of 'Exceeding National Quality Standard'

The purpose of Aurora’s assessment process is to determine whether and at what rating services meet the National Quality Standard and the requirements of the National Regulations (section 133(1) of the National Law).

A key focus of the National Quality Framework is to promote continuous quality improvement.
From 2012, services covered under the National Law have been assessed and rated by authorized officers from the relevant regulatory authority in each state and territory.

The National Quality Standard sets a new national benchmark for the quality of education and care services. It helps families make informed decisions about education and care for their child.

The National Regulations prescribe the five rating levels within the national quality assessment and rating process (regulation 57).

  • Significant Improvement Required (regulation 59)
  • Working Towards National Quality Standard (regulation 60)
  • Meeting National Quality Standard (regulation 61)
  • Exceeding National Quality Standard (regulation 62)
  • Excellent (the criteria for this rating level is determined by ACECQA — see section 153 of the National Law).

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