We’re getting close to our Aurora Doncaster launch and our educators and children at Aurora Rowville have been talking about Aurora Doncaster and how they can make the new educators and children Connect with the Aurora community. 

Our children have been absolute stars in contributing to projects that will welcome in  new Aurora Doncaster children and families. We’ve been creating some special artwork for a welcome display board including flowers made with glitter, butterflies and green painted paper which will be grass. The artwork will be themed around Spring, and we’ve been using the opportunity to talk about seasons and what Spring looks and feels like. The children in the Moonglade Studio made a sign saying ‘Welcome to Moonglade’ for the Moonglade room in Doncaster. 

Our children also made some adorable thank you cards for our builders and architects; the Kinder children used their thumb prints to make leaves and petals on flowers and then signed their names to the cards. 

As well as our children, our educators have been wonderfully supportive; on July 27th, a majority of our Rowville team came out to Doncaster to assist in setting up our rooms. We also gathered together for a picnic in our piazza area; it was a wonderful team building exercise. 

Posted by Aurora Early Education on Saturday, 27 July 2019

As Aurora Early Education opens its doors in Doncaster, we want to extend our thanks to our Rowville team, families and children who have supported and inspired us. We look forward to future opportunities for our Aurora Doncaster and our Aurora Rowville families and staff to make beautiful connections with each other. 

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