The Aurora story

Let’s come together to connect, care and create a better world for the next generation.

The Aurora Story is the foundation of the center

At Aurora Early Education, we’re dedicated to creating a more peaceful, connected and loving world for the next generation.

Because 80% of an individual’s development happens between birth and 5 years, we believe a mindful, positive and collaborative early learning environment is key to achieving this goal.

Our values (Connect, Care and Create) seamlessly combine with the three pillars of the Early Years Learning Framework (Being, Belonging and Becoming) to create fun, inclusive educational environment that is passionate about helping our children be all they can be.

A natural, holistic approach to early learning.

We’ve chosen our name carefully to symbolise the sense of wellbeing that comes when we’re in harmony with nature.

Fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, the warmth of the sun, the wind to move us forward and a place to belong – we believe these are all essential for good health and wellbeing.

‘Aurora’ reminds us that our children need a safe, supportive space that promotes their innate ability to thrive.

We believe a healthy, secure educational and care environment that embraces a culture of natural experiences, sustained learning and sharing provides the foundations for a lifetime of wellbeing.

We’ve also drawn on a considered mix of Eastern and Western philosophies for a meaningful life to create our uniquely holistic approach to teaching and encouraging a natural love of learning through play.

Our story

We’re committed to your child’s care, education and safety.


Sheela Edwards, CEO
Sheela has created a holistic, hands-on learning environment for Aurora children, designed to encourage them to achieve their full potential.

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Simone Edwards, COO
Simone is passionate about supporting Aurora’s staff and teams to grow and flourish via positive leadership, communication, creativity and innovation.

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Create a better world for the next generation

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