Being Sustainable: Aurora Early Education Partners With OzHarvest
Malnutrition is a massive problem that many people around the world face, each and every day. Almost 1/3 of the food produced ends up in landfills, even as millions go hungry. The chief culprit in this problem is food waste; supply chains, corporations and individuals all throw out staggering amounts of food on a daily basis.

Consider Australia alone:
• The Government estimates food waste costs the Australian economy $20 billion each year.
• 35% of the average household bin is food waste
• Nearly three million people are living in poverty, one quarter are children.
OzHarvest, a food rescue operation in Australia wasn’t having it. After being deeply affected by the amount of food she saw being wasted, Ronni Kahn founded OzHarvest, a food rescue company which also works to raise awareness and solutions.
Today, OzHarvest operates across Australia (in cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Canberra, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne). It uses a unique food rescue model to pick up food from donors that include restaurants, hotels, airports, supermarkets and corporate centres and deliver it to the needy across Australia. It raises awareness through education campaigns and has even set up Australia’s first rescued food market – the OzHarvest Markey in Sydney.
Since its inception, OzHarvest has delivered 74 million meals and saved 25,000 tonnes of food.
Aurora and OzHarvest
At Aurora Early Education, we are mindful about educating our learners about the importance of sustainability. We encourage them to actively connect and care for the environment and emphasise on the importance of reducing energy and food waste.
At the same time, Aurora supports OzHarvest as a regular food donor. As OzHarvest works towards a world with zero food waste, Aurora is proud to contribute to their journey to create a better, more positive world for future generations.
Note: All statistics have been sourced from OzHarvest’s website (

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