During the afternoon, while we were exploring outside, Sarah* decided to play with wooden blocks. She sat down and explored the different shapes and what she could make with those shapes. When I inquired what she wants to make, she replied; “A fairy castle for my mum and dad.”

She started stacking the blocks but they kept falling down. Sarah was happy to try again and again until she was able to make it. And as soon she made what she wanted, I could see the biggest smile and pride of accomplishment on her face.

sarah plays with building blocks at the Aurora Moonglade Center

Enabling a child to plan, design and construct with 3D materials has many benefits. Block construction encourages children’s thinking and logical reasoning, making comparisons and sequencing. It also provides opportunities for learning about mathematical concepts of size, shape, space and weight along with developing imagination and creativity.

Sarah has shown resilience, cognitive and fine motor skills. Educators will continue to provide her with different experiences which will enhance her cognitive and fine motor skills.

  • EYLF Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • EYLF Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners
  • EYLF Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the children.

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