In March every year, the streets of India are filled with colour, laughter and dancing as many Indians celebrate Holi. Hindus mark Holi as a time to celebrate the triumph of good over evil and to welcome in Spring. In the recent years, the joy and energy that accompany the festival of colours have travelled across the world as other countries began to celebrate Holi.

Melbourne celebrates Holi each year with a grand, family friendly Holi festival.

This year, the celebration will be on March 10th at The Paddock-Fed Square. It will have a DJ line up with non-stop music as well as some of Melbourne’s most famous food trucks. Of course, there will also be water balloons and powdered colour galore; for everyone to ‘play’ Holi to their heart’s’ content.

celebrate holi at the melbourne holi festival this year

As well as balloons and colours, there will also be children’s rides to delight your little one.

Before going to the festival, take some time to explain the significance of Holi to your children. Holi represents the triumph of good over evil in Hinduism, but also highlights a universality of happiness and celebration; on the streets of India, strangers mingle with each other to throw colour and dance. It’s also a time to show deep respect to nature as we mark the transition of seasons from Winter to Spring.

When children immerse themselves in cultural celebrations, they gain a better understanding of their place in their community and also develop tolerance and respect for other cultures.

The festival is free, but prior registration is recommended; register here.

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