Happy Lunar New Year to everyone in our lovely community and across the world. We hope this next lunisolar cycle brings you happiness, health, prosperity and togetherness. 

This Sunday 22nd January 2023 marks the beginning of the fifteen-day festivities as celebrated in many countries including China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam + many other Asian cultures.

We have many lovely families that celebrate the Lunar New Year in our Aurora community. We thought this would be the perfect occasion to learn more about this exciting tradition so that everyone can share the festivities together, especially the children. We will be celebrating and creating art based on the Lunar New Year in class and below you will find simple ways to extend the joy of this festival into your home. 

This year we welcome the year of the Rabbit. More specifically the Water Rabbit (as opposed to a wood, metal, earth or fire Rat). For those expecting this year, your child will perhaps have the following qualities: intuitive, considerate, efficient and meticulous. The Year of The Rabbit is also said to bring hope, prosperity and calm into our lives.

Before we get into the tips for celebrating with children, let’s go through the basic do’s and don’ts of the Lunar New Year.

Let’s start with a DON’T (but we promise it’s good news). Don’t clean or especially sweep on the first day of the Lunar New Year, it is said to sweep away the good luck and fortune!

Here are some do’s: Wearing red, decorating your home with red and gold, hanging lanterns, sharing meals, and being kind and generous.

Now, here are 6 ways you can include children in the celebrations:  

(The number 6 represents happiness and blessings, it is very auspicious being an even number and meaning “flow” in Chinese)

1. Making lanterns – Below are some great tutorials, one is super simple for teeny hands, and the second is for more confident hands. 

Link 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeZKYGmuZn0

Link 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rQ4ib7pSp4

2. Eating Mandarins for good luck

Although not currently in season in Australia, mandarins signify happiness and good luck. They are a very auspicious fruit. It’s another great reason to encourage our little humans to keep up their fruit intake.  Vitamin C and a boost of prosperity all in one, yes please! 

3. Listening and dancing to festive music in honour of the Lunar New Year 

Spotify has a great range of playlists to experience cultures from around the world. Here is just one of many to choose from:

Link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWUrhqK4SzCOJ?si=c75303fd3c57491f 

4. Cleaning before the New Year 

Whilst cleaning is bad on the Lunar New Year’s Day, cleaning beforehand is a great way to clear the energy from the previous year. This doesn’t need to be a drag however, put on some fun music, dance and breeze through the cleaning allowing your little humans to help you along the way. It’s also a great time to tuck away or donate toys and clothes they have outgrown (perhaps don’t let them see this part, it’ll most likely be quicker!)

5. Attend local festivities and parades 

Perhaps one of the best parts of the Lunar New Year is the parades! Luckily in Melbourne, there is an abundance of exciting events to attend, follow the link below to find out more:


There are even some exciting dancing Rabbits and festivities happening right outside our Aurora Centre at QV Melbourne.

6. Reading bedtime stories about the Lunar New Year
Here is a great resource to access free stories for kids about Lunar New Year. It’s also a great tool to keep saved on your computer or tablet for stories about a range of other themes and topics.


Bonus resource:
Betty from Chalk Academy has created a fantastic e-book full of resources for kids to play, learn and create all in the theme of Lunar New Year! See more below.


We hope you enjoyed learning about how to celebrate the Lunar New Year with children. May you and your family have a blessed year ahead.

With love and hope,

Aurora Early Education