The new CCS (Child Care Package 2018,) which combines the current childcare benefits and the child care rebate into one subsidy, will come into effect from July 2nd 2018. However parents and caregivers with children in childcare will not automatically be eligible for the subsidy, but instead need to update their details on  their CenterLink account through MyGov before they become part of the new system. Access the page through this link.

Why is this necessary?

The subsidy percentage a parent receives will be calculated based on a variety of factors including:

  • The type of childcare service their children are at
  • Combined family income
  • Activities which parents engage in (this includes paid work, study and training, self-employment and volunteer work).
  • Amount of hours spent on these activities a week

To be eligible for the CCS, both parents must be engaged in the activities mentioned above or searching for work for at least eight hours a fortnight. Therefore, by filling in these details on CenterLink, the government will be able to assess eligibility as well as calculate the amount of subsidy each family will receive.

What is the maximum amount of subsidy that can be received?

Families earning a combined income of more than $186,958 will have an annual cap of just over $10,000.

Families earning less than this combined income will not have a cap on the amount of subsidy received.

However, the subsidy will be calculated based on the factors outlined above. Additionally, there will be a cap on the amount of hours in care that can be subsidised which will also be calculated based on the details in the assessment.

How do I fill out my details?

Head to MyGov, link to CenterLink under the Services tab and use your CenterLink form to access an assessment form. Fill out your details in the form.

What happens if I don’t fill out my details?

If parents don’t fill out their details before July 2nd 2018, they may not receive any child care fee assistance.

Where will the subsidy be paid?

After calculating what your family will receive, the subsidy will be paid Directly to the Childcare Centre your child is enrolled in.

What About The Earlier Subsidy?

The new CCS Package combines the Child Care Subsidy and the Child Care Rebate. However, until July 1st, this will continue to be paid to families eligible.

For more information, please talk to the centre manager at Aurora by calling 03 9755 7444, or email us at or head to where you can find more information. For more information on the transition in specific, please click here. 

To help parents understand the transition process better, the Australian Government Department of Education and Training will be holding informational webcasts; there will be three sessions which parents can attend:

At Aurora Early Education, we want to ensure that every family is transitioned into the CCS with ease and in time. We will be making contact with you and sending you  further updates as they become available. Our office staff are here to help guide parents through this transition. Contact us online here

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