Red has been the colour of the week at Aurora Early Education as children Celebrated Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. At Aurora, we believe celebrations are so very important! As well as spreading joy, they help us connect with our community and encourage a sensitivity towards diversity.

Preparations For Chinese New Year

On Friday the 16th, fireworks and lanterns will be lit across the world as families celebrate Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival in China.

Our children across Aurora’s studios have been busily engaged in making decorations for their own celebrations. Kinder children at Willow Walk created their own blossom spring trees with black boughs and pretty pink buds.

At the Moonglade Studio, the children enjoyed marble painting on red paper, making Chinese flags and moulding homemade red play dough.

As the children were immersed in these activities, educators made sure to tell the children about the significance of the colour red in the celebrations and the importance of Chinese New Year. These lessons were reinforced by a specially set up Chinese corners in the studios.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations

While Chinese New Year celebrations revolved around the sentiments of happiness and good fortune, Valentine’s Day celebrations at Aurora were all about love.

Learners were delighted to make special Valentine’s Day arts and craftwork for their parents using paints and glad wrap. The Willow Walk Kindergarten made some beautiful cards with heart stickers  and glitter!

At the end of the day, each child took a photo near a sign wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day, which was then sent to their parents; a lovely visual of the love-filled day they enjoyed at Aurora!

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