The Children in Willow Walk have been exploring the different elements of STEM Education lately. Each week they do a science experiment; last week they were blowing up balloons with baking soda, this week they are placing dirty hands or clean hands onto a piece of bread and then leaving it in a snap lock bag for a week to see if any germs are visible. They have also been involved in gardening and learning about the life cycles of animals.

However, the one thing that the children absolutely love doing is building and construction projects; often involving blocks, boxes and toys.

Children will challenge themselves and each other while testing out their theories and we also find that they often play with peers they would not usually play with and have a marvellous time. Hypothesizing, experimenting, taking risks and many numeracy related concepts such as size, special orientation, shape, balance, angles and co-ordination are all the amazing skills and concepts that get tested and developed when children essentially just ‘play’ with blocks!

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