The sight of a room full of toddlers dancing brings a smile to anyone’s face, doesn’t it? Dance is a great exercise for your little one; not just because it’s physically beneficial, calling upon gross motor skills, but also because it helps with self esteem. As little children jump and wiggle they become more comfortable in their own skin and gain an understanding of how their body moves. As they dance with each other, children’s socialisation skills improve as they have to coordinate with each other; and can share a giggle over funny dance moves.

As children get older and progress into more complex dance routines, they also earn discipline and focus which later helps them with their academics.

However, it’s understandable that parents can be hesitant about enrolling their children in dance classes; many are expensive and require commitment. To see whether your child actually enjoys dance classes, why not take them to a few fun one time dance events? Here are some dance events happening in Victoria over the next few days.

Family Dance Day

find some fun family dance events in Melbourne here

If you live in or around Chelsea take your children for Family Dance Day  at the Chelsea Heights Community Centre. The sessions will be full of vibrant dance, music and imagination play. Your kids will love our bright, colourful props and learn about co-ordination and balance with fun activities like parachute, pom poms and percussion.

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Rhythm Factory

Also in Chelsea, the Rhythm Factory, a high energy prop filled event with fun activities like parachutes and percussion instruments.

Ballet Play

ballet play is among the great age appropriate dance events for kids

Ballet Play introduces children to the techniques of ballet in a fun, age appropriate way. Students will also become familiar with class etiquette, the structure of a classical ballet class and be provided with an overall strong foundation for future study in dance technique. The program has trial classes and flexible enrollment options to test whether your little one enjoys ballet.

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