DLP Live Sessions

Live Sessions: Over 3s

Aurora expert educators run live sessions each week to engage children and build on their understanding of a topic of interest.

Current topic of interest: Staying Safe, Staying Healthy.

Here’s how you can register for the DLP.

  1. Look at the DLP sessions timetable below and register for sessions you are interested in.
  2. Organize resources required for the live session (they will be available on this page three days before each session)
  3. In the week leading up to the session, you will receive a calendar invite with a Zoom link tot eh session.
  4. On the day of the session at the allocated time, use this to access the session. Educators may stop admitting attendees five minutes after the session starts.
  5. Reflect on your child’s engagement with the session.
  6. Register for the next sessions you’re interested in.

Please note that our Digital Learning Program is only available for our current and Waitlisted families.

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The DLP Key Focus Areas (KFAs)

Our DLP is centered around six key focus areas. Each live session and resource pack is designed to build on knowledge of and skills in a particular KFA.

Week 1: Physical Health and Wellbeing

Key Focus Area: Physical Wellbeing
Date: 17.09.2021 
10:30 am – 11:00 am

What will this session include?

  • A discussion of what Health and Wellbeing is and how we can make sure we are healthy, happy and safe.
  • Guided activities to build on physical strength.
  • A mindfulness session.

What will your child need for this session?

  • Room to move and stretch.
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Week 2: Understanding Health & Wellbeing

Key Focus Area: Listening, Reading and Writing 
Date: 23.09.2021
Time: 10:00 am – 10:30 am

What will this session include?

  • Story-reading of a book that is about how we can look after ourselves.
  • A mindfulness and breathing exercise.
  • Activity ideas to carry forward learning and build on children’s literacy skills.

What will your child need for this session?

  • To be announced (check back on 20.09.2021)
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Week 3: How do germs spread?

Week 3: How do germs spread?

Key Focus Area: Science, Technology and Mathematics 
Date: To be 
Time: 10:30 am – 11:00 am

What will this session include?

  • A guided experiment to help your child understand how germs and bacteria spread.
  • A mindfulness pause.
  • The chance for your child to engage in scientific inquiry skills such as predicting and observing.

What will your child need for this session?

  • To be announced.
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DLP Live Sessions: Parent Guidelines

Registration Guidelines

1. If you have registered before 5pm the day prior to the session you will receive an email regarding your registration status on the day before the session by 7pm.
2. Please ensure you notify the office if you have registered before 5pm but have not received communication from Aurora.
3. Any registrations after 5pm the day before the session will not be approved.
4. On the link provided, you will be able to register for multiple weeks for the corresponding topic.
5. When you receive your email confirmation with the zoom link, you can add this to your calendar to help you organise and attend multiple events.
6. Please cancel your registration if you will not be able to attend your session for any reason.

Lesson Guidelines

1. For lesson flow and minimal disruptions, please join the lesson within five minutes of the start time. If you join later than this, the educator may not be able to admit you to the room.
2. Please ensure that you have read and kept handy the resource requirements for this lesson.
3. For these lessons, please change the display name on Zoom to your child’s name. This will help our educators and the other children better connect with your child
4. If a child seems to be unsettled or disengaged, please feel free to switch off your video and mute your sound temporarily until you feel comfortable to return.
5. The DLP educator may switch off your video or sound at any time through the session to ensure a smooth class for all participants.
6. After the class is completed, you will receive a reflection post for the session. We encourage you to give as much feedback as possible, so the educators can plan and support your child’s learning and development.

By signing up to the class you agree to the below:
1. Aurora will be recording this session for internal training purposes.
2. No parents or family members will personally record or share this session.
3. An adult will be supervising my child at all times while the session is being conducted.


DLP: Extending Pedagogy In An Integrated Cycle


Through understanding the cycle of learning, we have discovered the importance of creating opportunities to enhance knowledge in all environments of a child. Aurora has embarked on the journey to continue the circle of learning by providing a digital method for intentional education at home.

Our digital learning program includes resource packs and live sessions for children who are not coming into the center. Educators trained in the Aurora Curriculum provide tailored classes that combine a specific teacher-led concept with the children’s interests and skills from the center-based programs as well as family input and environmental changes. The resource packs have guided activities that are designed to achieve specific learning outcomes in a variety of Key Focus Areas but also build on children’s holistic development. After a child has engaged with one resource pack, educators will tailor the next resource pack for each individual child and their own learning milestones. 

The DLP is a vehicle to build on a continuum of learning and connect with families that are not physically present. 

We acknowledge families from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, and we intend to work closely with our community to continue to connect with all. We continue to think outside the box and create further opportunities to collaborate and support children and families of the Aurora Village.

We want to create a continuum of learning, in an EPIC way. 

Through understanding the cycle of learning, we have discovered the importance of creating opportunities to enhance knowledge in all environments of a child. Aurora has embarked on the journey to complete the circle of learning by providing a digital method for intentional education at home. Aurora educators design personalized resource packs that are based on individual children’s age, learning journey and specific developmental goals. 

Quality Assessment Framework

Aurora Exceeds National Standards

The National Quality Standard sets a new national benchmark for the quality of education and care services. It helps families make informed decisions about education and care for their child.

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