Most children are fascinated by dinosaurs. According to a 2007 study published in the journal Developmental Research, about one in three young children will develop an ‘intense interest’; many of these children develop that interest in dinosaurs. Perhaps they are fascinated by their immense size, their sharp teeth and claws but safe in the knowledge that they have long been extinct and pose no real threat. Or, perhaps they capture and enhance their imagination as children imagine the lives that the dinosaurs lived.

Recognising the love that children (and any adults too) have for dinosaurs, the Melbourne Zoo in collaboration with Erth Visual & Physical Inc to create a dinosaur themed experience where visitors can walk through the dinosaur filled Carousel Park.

Through your walk you’ll find out information about dinosaurs, their habits and also how they went extinct. The experience also highlights ways in which we can prevent dinosaurs reptilian relatives from going extinct.

As your little ones explore, they may spot lifelike recreations of popular species wandering through the park with their keepers. Learning more about dinosaurs stimulates children’s imagination and their ideas for play. It also helps them build a deeper connection with the environment and, using dinosaurs as examples, helps them understand why we need to protect the environment.

For Melbourne zoo members, there will also be a dinosaur egg hunt, where hunters follow clues to dinosaur and bird nests across the zoo and collect prizes as they successfully complete the hunts. These hunts will build on both your and your little ones’ knowledge of dinosaurs.

Tickets for the experience can be bought here. Head here to read about why the Melbourne Zoo – even without the dino exhibition – is a lovely place to take your little ones.