In Moonglade Studio this week, the children loved having Sonal from Yoga Champs guide them through some beautiful Indian dancing, poses and songs to help celebrate Diwali. Sonal also explained that Diwali is the ‘Hindu Festival of Lights‘ and she involved the children in a mindfulness activity where they had to pass around a candle and had to inhale deeply to smell the candle and exhale fully afterwards.

Sonal then lit the candle in the middle of the circle and the children made candle and flower poses with their bodies. It is so lovely that our children can learn to be present, still and focused during our mindfulness sessions. It is such a valuable life skill.

Willow Walk

In Willow Walk, the children had a lovely time celebrating Diwali this week. They participated in some Bollywood dancing, made a Rangoli out the front of the centre, made a photo booth to pose inside and incorporated coloured chalk and lamp making into their art and craft projects.

There was a conversation about the use of lights, colours and lamps and the symbology during Diwali which the children were fascinated to hear about and in the afternoon we all listened to a traditional Indian story about Rama then had a yummy Butter Chicken dish for lunch.

It’s so important for children to learn about other cultures and the variety of festivals that are celebrated around the world. It encourages an acceptance of cultural diversity and an appreciation of difference.

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