Over the past week, studios across Aurora have been excitedly preparing for Easter! We have been reading books like the ‘Easter bunny’ and ‘Celebrations around the World’ and made pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Through the month, educators and children have been having discussions about the significance of festival.

Arts and Crafts

In the days leading up to it, our children busily engaged in arts and crafts to create Easter decorations. Children in the Seamist Studio used potato mashers and colourful paints to create Easter Eggs while children in Willow Walk made recycled paper which they then used to make Easter cards.

In Moonglade studio, the children’s pottery sessions were spent making chickens, baskets, eggs and bunnies, all to symbolise Easter.

The children also fashioned their very own baskets in preparation for the egg hunt which was on Thursday the 18th.

The Egg Hunt!

On Thursday the 18th, the Easter bunny visited Aurora Early Education and hid eggs around our yard. Children came into the centre with huge smiles on their faces, delighted to begin their hunt for eggs. They covered the yard, looking under stones and into resources for the eggs and each child discovered lots of colourful eggs.

In the afternoon, the whole Centre gathered together for a very special experience. For the past month, we have all been watching a group of caterpillars in the center transform into butterflies. In the afternoon, we released the butterflies and it was a wonderful experience, watching them all flutter into the air and off to explore.

After this, the children went home to enjoy their weekend with chocolate eggs and their crafts.

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