What a wonderful time of the year it is!  With the warmer weather knocking on our door, we have been engaging the children in many discussions about the importance of outdoor play, the benefits that come from enjoying our natural environment.   

The outdoor environment is an important part of learning and is what is known as the 3rd educator – which provides many opportunities for children and adults to connect with the wonders of nature.  Outdoor spaces help children to understand and respect plants, animals and life cycles, and are an important aspect of our education and culture, especially for those children who learn best through active learning.

Through our outdoor curriculums, educators provide meaningful experiences that extend and enhance the children’s learning, and offer spaces for mindfulness, social interactions, tests physical limits, builds self-confidence and opens communication. 

Ways in which you can embrace the outdoor environments could include:a visit to the park, spending time in the garden, exploring the hills, taking off your shoes to feel the grass under our feet or just stopping to smell the flowers. All bring about an encounter of the wonders of the wider world in which we live.

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