Winters in Melbourne are more about beautifully crisp days, warm wear and endless cups of hot soup than ice and snow. However, that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t enjoy some time ice skating; a quintessential winter activity that  you can enjoy at The Winter Village.

Last winter, the Skating At Festival delighted little ones; this year, head to The Winter Village at Federation Square to enjoy ice skating and even dine in an igloo!

Why Take Your Little One Skating?

For anyone who knows how to do it, ice skating is an immensely satisfying experience; there’s nothing comparable to the grace and confidence that one feels when gliding on ice. It’s no different for children. As they gradually become more comfortable on ice, they’ll grow more confident in manoeuvring their bodies. They’ll be able to exercise their gross motor skills and improve their balance and flexibility. As they focus on balancing, they’ll also improve their concentration abilities.

Take your kids skating at The Winter Village in Melbourne!

Playing and skating in a new environment will enhance their curiosity and their connection with the world.

Of course, safety at the rink is extremely important. Make sure your child is kitted out with a well fitting helmet, well fitting skates and warm clothes.

For toddlers, it’s best not to allow them to navigate the rink on their own; use equipment and toys to ferry them around the ice to give them a feel of the environment.

The Winter Village has also created ‘private igloos’ for a deliciously chilly meal. For children, they have the ‘Little Rink Rats’ package, where children can enjoy a soft drink or juice, pizza and ice cream while their parents dine.

Find out more about The Winter Village and book tickets here. 

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