At Aurora Early Education, the children are enjoying a new extra – curricular activity called Happy Feet Fitness. This program encourages children to develop an understanding of the importance of being healthy and having an active lifestyle.

In Moonglade, the Happy Feet Fitness session started with warm up exercises. We pretended we were cars, trees, washing machines, sun, clouds and rain.

We then danced to the Happy Feet song.

We closed our eyes while Educator Katherine put her magic glasses on to read a great poem about dinosaurs, with some beautiful pictures. We learnt some interesting facts about dinosaurs and then we had a chance to dress up as dinosaurs.
A happy feet fitness session in progress at the seamist studio

As a group we performed a dinosaur dance, with roaring included! We stomped our feet, shook our tails and heads. Then we all sat on the mat and Katherine gave us all (pretend) dinosaur eggs. We held the eggs very gently and pretended that there was a baby inside. Then it was time us to sing the goodbye song.

  • EYLF Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of well being
  • EYLF Outcome 4: Children and confident and involved learners
  • EYLF Outcome 5: Children are effective communicators

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