Aurora Childcare Services Health & Safety

We’re serious about Childcare Services Health & Safety, for your added peace of mind.

We take our children's safety seriously here at Aurora Early Education

Regular communication procedures

Aurora educators regularly communicate with both parents and each other regarding individual children’s nutritional requirements and sleep patterns as they alter over time.

We also use communication books between educators sharing responsibility for care of the children to ensure effective transitioning to and from family groupings.

Aurora has developed a consistent policy of communication between parents and the persons responsible for our service at the time incidents occur.

We measure the number of accidents and incidents that occur and regularly inform room leaders to ensure they kept to a minimum and adequate supervision is being provided.

Complete safety training

Our staff members’ qualifications are checked and kept up to date by the Aurora HR manager, including but not limited to FirstAaid, CPR updates, Asthma Management and Epipen training, etc. These are checked on a quarterly basis.

One Aurora staff member is our Occupational Health and Safety Officer and is required to attend specialised training to support this role.

We have also identified a Fire Warden who attends specific training in emergency management and fire extinguisher training. We also regularly carry out evacuation and lock down practices based on a variety of scenarios. (Fire, intruder etc.)

We check our first aid boxes and medical management plans at least once a month and have created our own quarterly internal health and safety audits as well as a separate check for the kitchen.

At Aurora, we also carry out regular disinfection processes as per our checklists, adhering to the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines at all times.

Safety inside and out

All Aurora children participate in physical experiences such as outdoor games, music and movement sessions. We also provide additional opportunities to families should they wish to participate (E.G. Evolve Sports on Mondays. Hey Dee Ho on Tuesdays, YogaChamps on Wednesdays, Mini Maestros on Thursdays, Fun Language (Mandarin) and Pottery for the over 3’s on Fridays).

We are a Sun Smart childcare and kindergarten service – we encourage all children to be suitably dressed and provide bucket hats to each child on enrolment. All our educators help apply sunscreen to each child 20 minutes prior to outdoor play.

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