Aurora Early Education Rowville is holding a Kindergarten Information Night on July 9th at 7 pm. We invite our community to join us, find out more, and ask us questions! Our webinar is held to give out for information on Aurora’s kindergarten program to build deeper connections with our families and extended community. It will be for parents of children 4-years-old before April 30th 2021 and April 30th April 2022 who are looking for Kinder care and want to clarify doubts that will help them in selecting a kindergarten.

How To Choose a Kindergarten For Your Child

Kindergarten is a crucial time in a child’s life as it is one of the early chapters of their educational journey. Aurora understands that finding the right Kindergarten can be a complex process for a family; we are committed to providing all the tools and aid that are needed to make the search easier. Here we have highlighted some aspects for parents to consider and keep an eye out for when they are choosing a kindergarten for their child.

Ensure Quality

A kindergarten program’s quality is rated through the National Quality Framework system. Therefore, in order to validate their standards, parents should measure the quality of the services against the seven quality areas that are outlined by the Commonwealth Government. Educational program and practice, children’s health and safety, physical environment, staffing arrangements, relationships with children, collaborative partnerships with families and communities, leadership and service management are the seven quality areas that are measured for early childhood services.

This is important to check because parents can find out how their child is encouraged to learn and play, as well as how they are protected from illnesses and hazards whilst playing in a safe environment that is properly maintained and managed.

It is also helpful to know how qualified the staff is to aid and focus on your child’s development, so the children also feel supported and embraced. Parents should also consider the involvement of the centre’s local community and their respect for family values.

Visit the Premises

Parents should immediately take in the atmosphere when they first enter the kindergarten and register how it makes them feel. Check the environmental set up to see that everything has a place and purpose and consider whether the space is calm. In their organized space, do they have all the required learning materials and then some? A child’s understanding is better gained with the proper learning materials like blocks, rulers, books, paper, crafting tools, and specific materials for math and science. It is also good to notice if the children’s work is displayed in parts of the classroom to build on their sense of connection and accomplishment.

After exploring the environment, meet the educators and view the classrooms and play areas to assess them and consider how they will align with your child’s environment and upbringing.

You can either visit the centre by booking an appointment, or you could attend an information seminar or an open night to clarify your doubts and get a proper feel of the place. The Kindergarten should be ready to share relevant information about their policies and procedures which are set up to support and enhance children’s learning as well as protect the children.

It is also important to make sure that the information given is child and family oriented as well as sensitive to varying social and cultural backgrounds. Their data should explore the kindergarten’s learning and activities program, fees, behaviour management policy, staff qualifications, children’s service license, along with the contact details of the regional department office and client service care.

During a visit to the centre, parents can clear up their doubts with the staff or management on their timings, fees, waiting list, extra support for a child, meal plans, and health polices if a child gets sick. Getting the added information that parents want to know but would not typically find in an information booklet gives them a stronger understanding of the kindergarten and how it is run to then decipher whether this kindergarten is the best choice for their child.

Enrolling Process

After selecting a kindergarten, some councils have a central enrolment process to get your child started. The kindergarten should be able to assist parents throughout the process which involves them giving theirs and their child’s important details like their address, proof of identity, medical records, nominated guardians and other requested documents. Kindergartens must have verification of a child’s immunisation history for their safety and for their other children. Knowing the kindergarten’s privacy policy and how they store such information is also important to find out about in order to build stronger trust.

Once those details are recorded, there may be a list of forms and documents that parents must fill in and submit. These processes may vary depending on the centre and their policies, but it is beneficial to understand and outline the enrolment process when deciding on a kindergarten.

To find out more about choosing a Kindergarten and about the Kinder Program at Aurora.