Halloween is just around the corner and children at Aurora are almost bouncing off the walls with excitement! After all, Halloween combines many a child’s favourite activities – gathering candy, dressing up and carving pumpkins (and making a mess). Our team at Aurora Early Childcare Education have shared some ticks and tricks about how to make sure you and your children have a brilliant day.

Be Mindful About Costumes

It’s very easy to get carried away when dressing up for Halloween. However, whether your child wants to be Elsa from Frozen, Harry Potter or even something more off the wall – like a traffic light or fried egg – keep costume safety in mind.

Always make sure the length of the costume is altered so children will not trip over it. Chose or make costumes with non-flammable materials. Instead of a mask (which can be uncomfortable and lower visibility) paint decorations on your child’s face using non-allergic face paints.

You should also put reflective tape on the costume; trick-or-treating generally happens as its getting dark and you want to make sure your children are completely visible.

Carve and Create Safely

Carving a pumpkin on Halloween is the equivalent of decorating the tree on Christmas. However, if you have young children skip the traditional carvings made with knives and hand out marker pens instead. Scoop out the pumpkin flesh in advance and make decorating the shells a fun family activity. It allows much more for room for creativity than trying to manoeuvre with a knife!

Plan Your Trick-Or-Treating Adventure

If you live in a neighbourhood that welcomes trick or treating, great! Trick-or-treating is an incredibly fun activity for children. However, plan a route in advance, taking your child along. On Halloween night, accompany them (perhaps decked out in a costume yourself) carrying lots of torches and stay in well-lit areas.

Check The Candy

If your neighbourhood does encourage trick or treating, your children will likely come back home with their pockets heaving with Tim Tams and Crunchies. Every parent would agree that they shouldn’t scarf them down all at once. Instead work out a system (maybe a piece a day) which is taped on the fridge or a wall for your child to see.

Even if you’re not heading out trick-out-treating this Halloween, Aurora is still giving your child a reason to dress up with our fun Halloween dress up day.

halloween dress up day at Aurora

Will your child come as a witch? A ghost? Or something completely off the wall? We can’t wait to see!

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