All parents agree that one of the earliest joys in their children’s lives is watching them gingerly take their first few steps. Applauded and recorded, these steps are an important milestone in a Child’s Development. Soon, after thoroughly exploring their own homes, (and perhaps creating a few minor catastrophes), a child is ready to take larger steps and broaden their horizons. At Aurora Early Education, at Rowville kindergarten, we make it our mission to create a space for children which is the bridge between the cocoon of their homes and the outside world.

When it comes to childcare, a common concern parents have is whether their child is ready for it. Every child is unique, so rather than suggesting a specific age, childcare experts, like Aurora’s Sheela Edwards, recommend that parents consider their Child’s development from the social, physical and mental angles before making a decision. For instance, has your child developed the motor skills to be able to interact  or heactively with the environment around him? Is she or he comfortable in the company of people outside her or his primary caregiving circle? Is she or he able to communicate her or his needs and thoughts effectively?

To answer these questions, pair your own observations with expert opinions. Your child’s doctor, who will know about your child’s unique physical developments, can offer an opinion about how well the child would be able to navigate a new environment. When it comes to advice on the mental and social angles, step into child care centers, like Aurora Early Education. Aurora is staffed with childcare experts who have years of experience and a passion for understanding and enhancing every child’s world.

Aurora has a door-wide-open policy which welcomes prospective parents to meet with the center’s caregivers, talk about their child’s unique needs and suggest a program to suit them. The center goes the extra mile to create a space that is an extension of children’s homes, making the transition into childcare easier for them.

It’s in this engaging, comfortable space that children in Aurora can enjoy the many benefits of childcare and early education. These include the early Development of Social Skills through interacting with both caregivers and other children from diverse cultural backgrounds. Through play-focused learning, children at Aurora are encouraged to learn how to make independent decisions and become more self-reliant. Additionally, Aurora engages children in a variety of community-focused activities from local police and fire stations, to programs that help them understand the importance of the environment and sustainable living. These focused learning activities and Aurora’s unique familial approach are the building blocks which help your child develop into a self-reliant, caring and pro-active member of the larger community.

We’re extending an open invitation to parents considering childcare; step into Aurora and see our philosophy come to life. We’ll be happy to show you around and have a talk exploring whether your child is ready for childcare.