The highlights of this month at Aurora Early Education were the NAIDOC week celebrations, a pyjamas party for National Pyjama Day and an excursion to the Rowville Library. 

NAIDOC Week Celebrations 

National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Educators introduced NAIDOC week to the children by talking to them about Indegenious Australians. In the Seamist Studio, educators read the children ‘Welcome to Country’ which explains the importance of the connection to land for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Through the week, the children participated in different experiences including making a flag using handprints, creating a ‘boomerang’ using dot painting and exploring different Aboriginal symbols.  By celebrating NAIDOC week the children are building positive relationships with others, showing increasing respect for diversity and enhancing their knowledge of different cultures around the world.  

National Pyjama Day 

National Pyjama Day is a nationwide event used to raise awareness and funds for children in foster care. We invited our children (and educators) to don their pyjamas on Friday the 19th. We also asked our families to donate a gold coin which will be used to help children in foster care. We were delighted to see many of our children come in dressed in their warmest, snuggliest jammies and put a gold coin in the donation jar. 

Excursion To The Rowville Library

The Willow Walk and Moonglade children strapped on their shoes and buttoned up their jackets for an excursion to the Rowville Library. On the walk over, many of the children pointed out friends’ houses and the educators also used the excursion as an opportunity to guide the children on road safety. There were a few crossings to reach the library, and at each one, we ensured that we were looking left and right, paying close attention to the signs and holding hands with an adult before crossing. 

When we reached the library, the librarian Michelle welcomed us in and introduced Rusty Arnold, The Big Bear to the children. We had look at Rusty’s bag which had three of his favourite books in it! Michelle read us his favourite books and then showed the children how to return a borrowed book to the library. 

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