Our childcare policy review process

Let’s come together to connect, care and create a better world for the next generation.

At Aurora, we’re committed to protecting our children, families, staff and management. That’s why we support effective two-way communication for policy decisions.

At Aurora, parents have access to all Policies of the service. At the time of orientation of your child we will also send you the key policies of the service. We hope that this allows parents to understand important aspects of educating and caring for your child.

Our process of developing and reviewing policy gives you the opportunity to engage with us on matters of policy and procedural importance. It demonstrates our dedication to representing your views and consulting widely where appropriate.

To this end, our Parent Advisory Group (PAG) meets on a regular basis to discuss issues and review policies, with feedback incorporated into new draft policies for further stakeholder input before being implemented.

This process ensures our policies are of the highest quality and reflect the concerns of all the Aurora community.

Create a better world for the next generation

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