Lego has the power to entertain and teach and Scienceworks recognizes this. As children spend hour upon hour stacking and connecting, they develop their fine motor and puzzle solving skills. As they build figures and even worlds they use their creativity and imagination and learn how to translate their imaginative concepts into physical models.

Over the next few weeks, Scienceworks is hosting Brickman Cities, a visual spectacle of the power of Lego. The team behind Brickman Cities have built Lego recreations of some of the world’s most famous cities including New York, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney and London. The cities can be recognised by their present day skylines, but also have castles, forts and syscapers which trace the history and growth of each of the cities.

At the centre of the exhibition sits a model of Lower Manhattan, which will have stories from New York projected onto it.

Why Take Your Child?

The exhibition is a wonderful event to put on your family calendar. It will show your child how what they see as a normal, everyday toy can be transformed into something spectacular. It will excite them about the different ways Lego can be used and transformed. And, the exhibition is a unique way to learn about the world and its history.

Adults and children alike can also try their hand at building cities of the future in the interactive section of the exhibition. Inspired by the exhibition, who knows what you and your family will create?

The exhibition is on at Scienceworks until August 4th. Visit the website for more information.

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