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ellery webster
ellery webster
The staff at this facility are second to none, their dedication and level of care is fantastic. The meals made for our daughter were fantastic and have become favourites that we will be cooking at home. We have not had one single issue throughout the duration of our enrolment. Would recommend.
Warren Seedsman
Warren Seedsman
Great Place, great staff & great place for the formative years. We will miss you as Zoe attends school shortly
Hari Gomatam
Hari Gomatam
The AMAZING AURORA that our family HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Our daughter has been at Aurora for almost a year and she absolutely loves it. The team of educators/staff are very warm and have a special connection with every child there. It’s our daughter’s happy place! From variety of activities that children engage to the different themes that are celebrated all round the year the team at Aurora takes a lot of pride in offering a diverse platform for the young minds. Our extended family and friends are huge fans of the everyday update/summary that the team publishes on the app. The updates on the app are timely and personable. Thanks to the entire team at Aurora!
Simone Clinton
Simone Clinton
I have two children attending Aurora and couldn’t be happier. Aurora provides a wide range of activities, utilise many different education models, encourage outdoor play and lots of cultural diversity. Both my children come home buzzing from the day that they have had. All the educators are very friendly, and very attentive to the children.
Rushen Mendis
Rushen Mendis
Our son goes to Daycare at Aurora and we are very happy with there level of support and care that they provide our son. The ability to call whenever we need to check up on him and have an educator be available to speak to us is a great. Recommended Aurora to anyone looking got a good place to have there child attend daycare
Anthony Cerra
Anthony Cerra
Out of the orientations we did for our 2 year old daughter, Kirby was a superstar at explaining everything at Aurora. We felt comfortable at what the childcare was offering. Our daughter has been there for 6 days in total and we have already noticed the difference in her social skills and confidence. The educators keep us up to date with her progress and they also put up photos everyday, which is really nice to see. So far, highly recommend Aurora!!
Nicole A
Nicole A
We recently moved our son from another childcare centre to Aurora and could not be more pleased with how well he is doing in the environment there! The centre is very welcoming and has such a wonderful curriculum that keeps our child challenged while having fun and creating beautiful friendships. We absolutely love the different activities each day such as yoga and art; you can tell how much thought and effort has gone into nurturing the whole child. I’m so glad we made the decision to move him to Aurora as he seems to be flourishing! We were recommended to try Aurora by good friends and would not hesitate to recommend the same to anyone looking for amazing childcare.
Poonam Gadda
Poonam Gadda
My 3 year old son attends Aurora and we have seen lots of improvement in him. All staff are very friendly and pay attention to individual requirement of each child.

The Aurora Difference

Our high standards help children adapt to the rhythm and flow of daily life at Aurora. We employ qualified staff to give your child the attention they need, supporting them to participate in play and learning. Aurora children play in a safe and well-maintained environment, both inside and outdoors.

Masters and Bachelor Qualified Teachers

Aurora aims to have teachers that are highly qualified and experienced such as Masters and Bachelors in all rooms of the service. Our Pre-Kinder program is delivered by Bachelor qualified staff that are well versed in early childhood education and development and are trained through Aurora, to always provide best practice, sharing Aurora’s commitment to nurturing your child in a safe, supportive learning environment for your child.

Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

Experiencing nature is core to the Aurora philosophy. We believe in a mix of indoor/outdoor learning which delivers a balanced educational experience for children of all ages. Your child will  have access to both indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the day, dependent on the weather. (We just ask you to make sure they are prepared for all weather conditions!)

In House Chef

We are focused on nutrition and healthy eating at Aurora. Expert nutritionists advise us on our menus which is filled with include a variety of tastes and flavours from around the globe multicultural dishes. Our in-house chef prepares fresh, delicious food in the Aurora kitchen every day and we will encourage your child to try all meals unless advised otherwise (eg allergies or dietary restrictions). Water is served with every meal and is accessible at all times throughout the day, and milk is provided at morning tea.


Aurora Rowville is our Boutique Learning Environment. It is a smaller sized service that supports children that are suited to smaller classroom experiences. Rowville is Aurora’s foundation service on which the philosophy and high quality process were built.

Smaller Classes

As the service was built many years ago, the classroom sizes were built much smaller than new centres being constructed today. This allows for more one-on-one opportunities within the room and a space for deep connections between families, children and the educators in the space.

Specialist Sessions

Specialist Sessions are  provided on a daily basis to enhance the Aurora Program. These are additional educational opportunities for children in areas such as Sports, health, language, Fine Art creativity,Yoga and Music. We believe that for such specific learning be effective, it must be taught by a passionate teacher in that industry to give your child the very best exposure and learning as possible.  movement and relaxation.

Tailored Teaching Training Services

With the service being smaller than most, it allows for specialised training of new educators to take place. Students have a wonderful opportunity to learn from experienced teachers on exceeding practices. Due to a number of students we are able to train, Aurora uses this opportunity to find and train amazing educators that are then employed and become part of the Aurora Team both for Rowville and Doncaster services, supported by a smooth transition into the service as the children and families have already had a chance to get to know and give feedback on potential Aurora educators.

Aurora App

The Aurora App is your virtual real-time connection with the centre and your child. We record Receive access to real- time data such as about your child including food and fluid intake, sleep, nappy changes and other important daily information. Your child’s learning documentation is recorded through the App such as Plus receive photos and videos throughout the day of your child learning and playing, evaluations of your child’s experiences and educational goals for the future.. You won’t miss a thing!

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Calendar of Events

View information in relation to all upcoming events at Aurora.

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Aurora Services

At Aurora Early Education, we give your child all the time they need to learn in a caring, friendly and fun space. Our Love & Play philosophy means all children are treated with respect and given attention at every moment of the day.

Rowville Childcare & Kindergarten FAQ's

Why choose Aurora early learning centre in Rowville?

At Aurora Early Education in Rowville, we understand the dreams every parent has for their child. All parents and carers want their children to live joyful and fulfilled lives, to learn, to grow and have the resilience to overcome the obstacles of life. - We provide individualised care and support for each child. - Our team of qualified educators are passionate about working closely with families. - We offer a wide range of educational programs and activities to suit every child's needs. - Our centre is designed specifically for early learning and child development. - We have a strong focus on developing positive relationships with each child. If you're looking for an early education and daycare centre in Rowville that will give your child the best start in life, look no further than Aurora Early Education. Contact us today to learn more about our unique programs and how we can help your child reach their full potential.

How will my child benefit from Aurora Childcare in Rowville?

At Aurora Early Education childcare centre in Rowville, we believe that every child is unique and deserves the best possible start in life. We offer a wide range of programs and activities to suit every child's individual needs, including: Designed for the littlest ones in our care, the Seamist Studio caters for babies and toddlers with special education and play curriculum designed to encourage their natural curiosity.

How do I book a tour of Aurora childcare centre in Rowville?

We would love to show you around our childcare centre and introduce you to our team. Contact us today to arrange a tour. Aurora Early Education is the perfect choice for families looking for childcare in Rowville. We offer a wide range of programs and activities to suit every child's individual needs, including a safe and nurturing environment. Call us to book an appointment!

Why choose Aurora Early Education kinder in Rowville?

Your child will develop a sense of identity and community as they feel safe to take risks, experiment, and make mistakes. Aurora Early Child Education kinder in Rowville provides interesting and engaging resources and materials that facilitate and encourage children to engage in play-based learning. Many opportunities arise throughout each day where the group comes together to share understandings and your child will develop a sense of identity and community as they feel safe to take risks, experiment, and make mistakes. As your child attends our kinder, they will: - Develop a sense of identity and community - Feel safe to take risks, experiment, and make mistakes - Engage in play-based learning with interesting and engaging resources and materials.

How will my child benefit from Aurora kindergarten in Rowville?

- Your child will develop strong academic skills that will prepare them for school and beyond. - Your child will have the opportunity to socialise and make new friends in a safe and welcoming environment. - Your child will learn how to manage their emotions and behaviour in a positive way. Book a tour and see how your child can benefit from our kindergarten program. Our experienced and qualified educators will be able to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Does Aurora Early Education Offer 3 year old kinder in Rowville?

Yes, our 3 year old kinder in Rowville is the perfect place for your child to develop a sense of identity and community. Our interesting and engaging resources and materials facilitate and encourage children to engage in play-based learning. Many opportunities arise throughout each day where the group comes together to share understandings

How do I book a tour of Aurora kindergarten in Rowville?

We would love to show you around our kindergarten in Rowville and answer any questions you may have. To book a tour, please call us today!

We’re committed to your child’s care, education and safety