This week, to continue with Easter celebrations the Moonglade children have been involved in making Greek Easter biscuits. One of our educators, Despina, has a Greek heritage along with some of the children in the room and she explained that the Greek families will be celebrating their Easter this coming Sunday. Together the children enjoyed making traditional Greek Easter biscuits called ‘koulouria’.

Each child had the opportunity to juice the oranges, pour the ingredients and use the hand beater to mix the batter. As well as being a fun and exciting experience, cooking with children has many benefits such as:

  • Introducing children to new, fresh and healthy foods.
  • Helping children learn about what different types of food look like and where they come from.
  • Encouraging children to develop healthy eating habits.
  • Preparing children for cooking for themselves or assisting in family meal preparation.
  • Developing numeracy skills, building vocabulary and conversation skills.

And of course it’s fun, exciting and educational! The educators in Moonglade will continue to incorporate cooking into the program and have discussions with children about cultural celebrations and festivities.

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