We’re focused on healthy eating at Aurora

We make a range of nutritious meals for your children.

We are what we eat and, at Aurora, we take nutrition seriously. We’re making sure your child gets the freshest, most nutritious meals while they’re in our care.

Our in-house cook prepares fresh, delicious food in the Aurora Kitchen every day in consultation with experts in nutrition and diets. Meals are handmade with love (as much as possible) and follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Our seasonal 4-weekly rotating menu includes many multicultural dishes to expose children to new flavours and promote cultural awareness. We also cater for vegetarians, dietary, allergy and anaphylaxis requirements.

Water and fruit is served with every meal and milk is provided at morning tea – we don’t ever include low nutritional drinks and dishes that are high in saturated fat, sugar or salt.

We’ll encourage your child to try all meals unless you advise us otherwise (e.g. for allergies or dietary restrictions). There’s lots of variety and hidden vegies for little ones still learning to love their greens.

Children also participate in cooking experiences to foster interest in healthy food and, along with their parents, are encouraged to influence menu decisions.

Our cook keeps up to date with the latest ideas in the food industry and we conduct annual nutrition evenings for parents and families to inform and discuss the benefits of healthy eating.

Create a better world for the next generation

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