In Moonglade Studio, a lot of thought goes into creating interesting activities and resources that support the development of early literacy and numeracy skills and concepts.

Early Literacy concept and skill development can involve things like making lines on paper and symbols to communicate meaning, holding a pencil or crayon correctly, identifying letters and sounds as well as common words.

It also involves oral language development which can be supported in a Aurora Early Education pre-kinder room through using children’s interests and ideas reflected in the learning environment and encouraging children to have meaningful conversations and express their thinking. It also includes children starting to develop early reading behaviours such as holding a book correctly, turning pages and recognising letters, words and headings.

Key early literacy predictors of reading and school success include oral language (listening comprehension, oral language vocabulary), alphabetic code (sounds of letters, word identification and letters within the alphabet) and print knowledge (environmental print and concepts about print).

When it comes to supporting a child’s understanding of numeracy concepts; simple activities can help.  These include solving problems (such as which tin of baked beans is the smallest), analyzing and making sense of information (how many rings are left to play with in the ring toss game), understanding patterns (what colour or number or shapes comes next in a visual display), making choices (which jacket will be the warmest to wear today).

Through everyday play and activities, learning mathematical concepts is fun and interesting for children; counting fingers, toes and toys, recognising numbers on clocks and remote controls, counting pieces of food on their plate. Comparing things, describing things, filling and emptying containers along with matching and sorting things are all related to numeracy skill development.

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