Aurora strives to provide care to our children and give them the best of what we can offer. This entails raising their awareness on serious causes around the world that they should learn about and eventually do what they can to support them. Today, and over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking to our children and community about Red Nose Day. Here’s a little information on what it’s all about, what we’re doing and what everyone can do to support.

What is Red Nose Day?

Red Nose day is a campaign that was first started in the 1970s as part of Comic Relief in the UK to raise awareness on the sudden infant death rates around the world. It was then adopted in Australia and many other parts of the world as a fundraising cause to aid children suffering from unique illnesses and families impacted by the sudden death of a child.
What used to be called SIDS & Kids in Australia is now known as Red Nose Australia. One of Australia’s most successful public health programs, ‘Back to Sleep’, was created by this very foundation. The Back to Sleep program has helped the presence of SIDS in Australia reduce by 85 per cent.
And to show support, Australians wear red noses to bring some comic relief and raise awareness for this significant issue, hence the phrase “silly for a serious cause.”

We support Red Nose Day because…

For decades, this foundation has been committed to reducing the amount of deaths form nine a day to none. And in doing so, it also brought about in-depth research into finding causes for the sudden demise of infants. We support Red Nose Day to provide support for research into infant health and for families who may have lost their children. Through our support and our conversations, we show our children the importance of helping and caring for our community.

How Aurora educates children about Red Nose Day

When supporting such causes, it’s important that our children know why and what it exactly is. At Aurora Early Education, we work to educate our children on important topics as it is beneficial to their upbringing and their overall social awareness. Our children, just like us, want to help out too so we give them the means to do just that.

As a part of our Red Nose Day preparations, our children have been painting circles red to represent red noses. Many of our children came into Aurora today wearing red and our educators also wore red noses!
As we teach our children, we too continue learning as our minds can never stop growing. There are useful resources out there to help teach children, parents, and others about this cause. The Australian educational teacher-created database, Twinkl creates fun Red Nose Day themed activities for young children in preschool and Early Years Foundation Stage to participate in, thus aiding their learning of charity and fundraising. These resources can be used both at childcare and at home for an enjoyable way for young ones to discover new things happening in the world.

Here at Aurora, in addition to the fun activities, we also make sure we talk to our children and give them the understanding they need to be able to partake in the support confidently.

This is how you can support Red Nose Day

This year, Red Nose Day will be commemorated a little differently. In light of the pandemic we are all still facing today, instead of going to a Red Nose Day event or gathering in public, we can show our support in other ways online and at home.

Red Nose Australia will be hosting a special National lives streamed Remembrance Service on August 14 to support families in honouring the children who were lost.

Another effective way to show support is donating directly to the Red Nose Day organisation. The donations go straight towards funding research and care for families and care givers. Supporters can even set up their own fundraising page through the Red Nose organisation to get their families and friends involved too.

As an alternative to physically volunteering this year, Red Nose has created an e-tin team as a way for people to encourage support and raise funds online. The e-tin team is a fundraising hub that receives a red e-tin supporter pack to virtually collect donations that will help reduce and eventually eliminate little lives being lost.
Our hearts are with those who have suffered from the sudden loss of a child and we encourage our community to do their part to support this foundation as we do ours.

Donate to the RedNose cause here.
Find our more about RedNose here.

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