Every parent and caregiver knows that getting most children to happily eat their vegetables in a Herculean task. They sigh and they fuss and most of the veggies end up on the floor instead of in their tummies.

At Aurora, we’ve found that allowing children to get involved in the cooking process and serving them dishes with veggies which have been cooked in a fun, unique way is a great way to get our little learners excited about eating those dreaded vegetables.

Here’s a Courgette Kebab and Sausage recipe which little children love. The instructions highlighted in bold can be handed over to your child; cooking will help enhance their fine motor skills and help them be more mindful about food.


2 courgettes, cut into big cubes
½ pepper (red or yellow) cut into cubes
3 chipotla sausages
8 cherry tomatoes
A little oil


Preheat an oven to 200C.
Using a plastic knife, chop the chipotla sausages into fat cubes.
Skewer the cherry tomatoes, chopped sausages, peppers and courgettes onto kebab sticks, being careful with the pointy end.
Use a brush to coat the kebabs in oil.
Put the kebabs in the oven and bake for twenty minutes.
Cool on a cooling rack and serve!

Do let us know your thoughts on the Courgette Kebabs and Sausage Recipe!