Today, Drake* and Mark* were playing outdoors, when they decided to follow each other around. Mark sat on the little chair and Drake went over and sat next to him. They jumped off the chair and sat back down several times together.
This made them laugh and they thought it was such a great game, and it definitely was. Mark and Drake played together for quite some time laughing and having fun.

Playing is one of the most important things for your child’s well-being, because play is essential for their brain growth and development, as well as their emotional and social health.
Play also helps your child build confidence, feel loved, happy and safe, develop language and communication skills, learn about caring for others and the environment around them and develop physical skills.

Educators will continue to encourage small group learning experiences that encourage children to play with their peers.
EYLF Outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity EYLF Outcome 2:Children are connected with and contribute to their world EYLF Outcome 3:Children have a strong sense of well being

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the children

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