0-3 Years

Infant and toddlers

Designed for the littlest ones in our care, the Seamist Studio caters for babies and toddlers with special education and play curriculum designed to encourage their natural curiosity.

Infants Curriculum

The multi-age space gives your child a wonderful environment to develop a wide range of life skills in a safe environment. Each age group learns from each other to practice their leadership skills and interact meaningfully with love, empathy and greater understanding as part of the Aurora Early Education Philosophy.


We take the time to get a better understanding of food habits, sleep timings and if there are any special needs that we need to cater to. This helps our educators to adapt our ‘Rhythm and Flow’ to suit the needs of your child.

Daily Routines

Our daily routine ‘Rhythm and Flow’ includes scheduled quiet times, group learning times and lengthy periods of uninterrupted play. Children and educators come together to share meals and discuss what they have been doing together.


Aurora’s multi-age space in the Seamist Studio allows children to be supported to access resources, materials and experiences that match their interests and skills as well as those that challenge them to extend their capabilities.

Children in multi-age spaces develop friendships and engage in learning just as they would in same age settings with the added bonus of being able to access peer support and lead learning from other children.

Key Focus Areas

Included in our early childhood curriculum are key focus areas that emphasise our principles of holistic development and a love for learning which set us apart from other childcare centres.  Our key focus areas stimulate social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.



Aurora offers full time and part time positions for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years. All positions are for the full day, allowing families to attend at any time during operational hours.

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