A happy, healthy and engaged early education teacher makes the best role model for your child

Our workplace promotes health and wellbeing so our people can support your child to be the very best they can be.

Our team is focused on communication and support. We expect our staff members to be responsible and take on additional roles to better manage Aurora’s Health and Safety. As a result our team members have great professional and social interaction with each other and we support this with team-building sessions on a quarterly basis and off-premise meetings to promote moral and team cohesion.

We’ve also employed internal and external HR experts to build on our professional practices and manage service changes smoothly and effectively.

Supporting our staff
We aim to provide flexibility for our Room leaders so they can manage their room effectively depending on its specific requirements. We provide extra time for educators to plan and program their room, adopting a method of consistency for breaks cover.

We’ve also appointed an Educational Leader for two days a week to support our educators in their daily roles and maintain general health and wellbeing. A new internal mentoring role (held by Emily Ginesi) helps implement individual educator goals and further strengthens team cohesion.

We also hold:

Regular staff meetings (every second month)
Regular in-room and ECE meetings (monthly)
EL meetings (bi-monthly)
HR manager meetings (monthly)
Internal mentor meetings (bi-monthly)
Staff appraisals by COO and Educational Leader (biannually).

Ongoing professional development
We’re committed to ongoing professional development, implementing a training program to regularly review the strengths and skills gap of every early education teacher within the service.

Our clear rostering philosophy helps us maintain consistency in rooms and enables educators to foster long-term relationships with children and parents. It also helps our staff members to work together, enabling an indoor-outdoor program for a significant portion of the day and encouraging better sharing of resources and time.

Healthy Together Knox
We’ve won the Healthy Together Knox award – a staff health and wellbeing competition that focuses on promoting staff health and wellbeing in the workplace – for initiatives like yoga sessions, pampering days and mindfulness retreats.

Embedding mindfulness within our team is a priority. In August 2016, we held our first weekend long staff mindfulness retreat including expert guided sessions on practical philosophy and mindfulness. Follow up sessions promoted positive conversations – so much so that we have run a mindfulness course throughout 2017 for all staff and parents.

We offer Free Health checks by Worksafe Australia during one work day a year and Healthy Together Knox provides appropriate Health and Safety training for our staff.

Create a better world for the next generation

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